New Colour, Faster Software and More Powerful

ParcelHome is proud to launch its ParcelHome 3 in black, its 2nd colour. It’s a big step for a growing start-up. The new elegant and professional black colour suits ParcelHome’s identity perfectly as a purveyor of high-end products with cutting-edge technology. After many requests for a black smart letterbox, we had to  go for it. Gregory Mackin, ParcelHome’s CEO, confirms: “We listen to our customers and based on their feedback we enhance the product continuously. That’s how we came up with the grey colour a few years ago and why we now extend our range with black.”

Gregory Mackin with the black ParcelHome

Since mid-October 2020 the smart parcel and letterbox is available in black and ready to be delivered at the beginning of November. The new ParcelHome does not only have a new colour but also contains updated technology. Thanks to faster and updated Bluetooth software, the new ParcelHome will connect to your phone more smoothly. Also, the box itself will open quicker. The design of the product obtained some small changes as well, such as new hinges and topsheet hardware, to make it more consumer friendly.

ParcelHome has continued to have sustained growth throughout 2020. In fact the  team has doubled in size over the past months in order to be able to offer a higher quality customer service that fits with a premium black box. With this box ParcelHome is broadening its to offer more options.

You can order your black ParcelHome here. There is only a limited stock available. (The classic bi-tonal grey ParcelHome is still available as well, also with new software.)