5 Websites to Find your Local Shops in Belgium

The past months more and more Belgians want to shop in local stores and support the entrepreneurs in their community. Moreover, UNIZO, a Belgian organisation for entrepreneurs, recently named December as ‘Winkelhiermaand’ (‘Buy here month’). With this announcement UNIZO wants to support Belgian entrepreneurs by asking Belgians to shop and eat locally.

These days it isn’t easy anymore to shop in the local shoe store around the corner or to quickly pass by the chocolate shop of your best friend. That’s why we shop online, but still local, and why we have our parcels delivered. Easy, right!? But obtaining your parcels is even more easy with a ParcelHome. With a smart parcel and letterbox in front of your house, the local shop and restaurant owners can always deliver your packages coronaproof. Find your local shops and restaurants online to be ready for December with these 5 websites:

  1. Support Local Entrepreneurs: Winkelhier by UNIZO

Shop at local stores of your local entrepreneurs. On the platform of winkelhier: www.unizo.be/winkelhier, you can find off- and online shops of entrepreneurs in your neighbourhood. Further, you can find pictures and messages on this platform to support entrepreneurs on social media.

source: Unizo – Winkelhier

2. Buy and Eat Locally in West-Flanders: ‘Ik koop lokaal’

On the website ikkooplokaal.be you not only discover local shops and markets, but also restaurants. The platform also offers links to farm and regional products. Yum! You can learn on ikkooplokaal.be which restaurants and coffee shops in your neighbourhood offer take-a-way services.

Tip: This platform started in West-Flanders but nowadays this platform also exists for the 4 other Flemish provinces.

source: ikkooplokaal.be

3. Find Treasures on the Belgian Wide Web: Buy Locally and Support

Kooplokaalensteun.be brings together Belgian webshops which sell all kinds of products. They want to help Belgians to shop online, especially now. On this website you can find anything, from dog food to interior. Let’s shop!

4. #ikkoopbelgisch #Jachetbelge: Discover Belgium’s Great Designers

#ikkoopbelgisch is trending. With fans such as ex-athlete Elodie Ouedraogo and fashionguru Tiany Kiriloff the Belgian design platform has evolved into the place-to-be to buy designs from our home country. Fashion, interior, art or video games, you name it. You find all of it on ikkoopbelgisch.be

Tip: Follow #ikkoopbelgisch on Instagram for inspiration

source: Facebook @ikkoopbelgisch.jachetebelge

5. Shop Uniquely Belgian Present Boxes with a Story

The platform Belgunique.be gathers products of many Belgian creatives. Moreover, this platform also tells the stories of these creative Belgians and the products they make. In this period of the year the web shop offers present boxes exclusively filled with Belgian products. To know the story behind the product, you are at the right address at Belgunique!

source: www.belgunique.be